ShakiYauho- Should have gone for Yoshinoya

Not feeling very hungry today and wander around Sheung Wan and saw this place and decided to give it a try… and the result… you can pretty much infer from the title.

This HK$48 Bento is very small in size, with a little bits and pieces of sashimi. The rice made me think of the cheap hand roll I had in Australia– they probably forgot to buy vinegar. For HK$48.00 I would much prefer to go to Yoshinoya, there would be drinks and the rice is of much larger serving (and won’t even costs me 48!)

There were 2 girls eating sushi next to me, to be honest the sushi looks ok (of course nowhere close to fresh, but better value than this) I checked out their other bento and their price, my advice is do not go there, if you want sashimi, I’d rather recommend you go to city super.



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