ShakiYauho- Should have gone for Yoshinoya

Not feeling very hungry today and wander around Sheung Wan and saw this place and decided to give it a try… and the result… you can pretty much infer from the title. This… Continue reading

The Wonder of Pret a Manger

Ok. This is not a review and it is just a question. I don’t know how many people have the same question in mind, but I have been wondering the same for 6/7… Continue reading

Saturday in Central-Jashan

      My parents come over to have lunch with me after I got off from office. After wandering around central for 30 minutes we settled for the all you can eat… Continue reading

HMV kafe- when music, book and the Coffee Academics collide

Menu Finally get the chance to visit HMV kafe with a new friend. The kafe is located on the 3rd Floor of the Central HMV and run by the Coffee Academics. The little… Continue reading

Carrot cake that tastes exactly like carrot-simplylife

It’s a weird decision for me to buy a carrot cake (for myself). I have hated carrot cake for most of my life. i hate the dense yet dry structure of most carrot… Continue reading

Takeaway Friday- 樂香園咖啡室 I love scramble egg!

  Look at the gorgeous semi-liquid scramble egg!  I love scramble egg, especially when it is still semi-liquid and not full cooked. When I was younger I was obsessed with the scramble egg… Continue reading

Yachiyo Ramen

  Everybody loves Japanese cuisine, at least I do! There are so many variety in it and you can never get tired of it. Yesterday, I went to Yachiyo for lunch with a… Continue reading

The quick review series- take away in Central

For many people in HK, it is actually a luxury to go out and enjoy their lunch. May it be the prices or the time constraint. So, i have decided to try on… Continue reading

Simple lunch series- the colourful mosaic

  This is my second time to Java Java. I do love their setting (comfy couch!) and it is usually quiet during the week day. This time, I ordered a coffee (herb coffee)… Continue reading

Central Dinner Special- The orchid in Central- Shanghai Jade

A few weeks ago, I organized a dinner in Central for my friend’s friend who is visiting from Taiwan. Since the dinner was planned quite last minutes, we do not have much time… Continue reading